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Who We Are

The Friendship Academy in Santo Domingo is now open!

The "Friendship Academy" renovations in the Dominican Republic

We are ordinary people.  Our lives are connected by a common thread, the desire to make a difference.  We have been irrevocably changed by our experiences in the Dominican Republic.  What we have seen and heard has moved our hearts so that we will never be the same.  The poverty, the lack of basic health care, the hunger, the pollution, the unschooled children…the list is endless.

We are compassionate.  Advancing Communities by Educating and Serving (ACES North America) was born out of love for our fellow man.  For many of us this love is rooted in our personal spiritual beliefs, but we are independent of any religious affiliation.  This gives us the freedom to work cooperatively with non-faith based institutions as we bring aid to those in need.

We are volunteers.  There is no pay for what we do.  We give of our time, our talents and our resources because we feel that we have no choice.  We cannot walk away from what we have experienced.  And we are passionate.  The organization was born from one woman’s dream and it is spreading far beyond her vision.  It is the people to people contact which is making this happen.

Improving health, education, and quality of life is the guiding force behind every ACES project, and that goal is accomplished by building a network of donors, suppliers, and volunteers.  In addition, ACES helps to enhance community development through technical and professional training, leadership training, clean water projects, and women’s group development.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
~Margaret Mead

Vision Statement

Our vision is that ordinary people in communities with few opportunities will learn to help themselves reach their potential in spite of their poverty, and that in doing so they will positively impact neighboring communities, nations, and the world. We will

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Mission Statement

ACES. NA believes that changed communities can change the world. The independent non-profit organization provides charitable resources and assistance to impoverished areas of the world for the purpose of community development, particularly in the areas of education and health. The organization’s

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ACES Dominican Republic History

In 2002 a group of Dominicans, spearheaded by Porfirio Olivo, formed a non-profit organization to serve communities in the Santo Domingo region. The main objective was to help develop health and education programs that would break the cycle of generational poverty.

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ACES North America History

History of Advancing Communities by Educating and Serving In January of 2005, when Linell Stabler was a non-traditional International Relations student at Bucknell University, she had the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic to observe the newly formed ACES group

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Dominican Republic: History and Facts

For at least 5,000 years before Christopher Columbus discovered America for the Europeans, the island of Hispaniola was inhabited by Taíno Indians. The Taíno culture was a mixture of peoples from South America, the Amazon and Venezuela. Hispaniola excited the Spaniards.

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ACES North America Officers

President:  Linell Stabler After a lifetime of owning businesses, raising 2 children, and returning to college as a non-traditional student, Linell discovered in ACES a unique opportunity to serve others.  One of the passions of Linell and her husband, Dan, has

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Financial Transparency

Proof of 501(c)3 2013 Financial Report 2012 Financial Report 2011 Expense / Income Statement

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