One of the main goals of ACES is to reduce poverty through education. Foremost in our efforts has been the creation of an independent school in the Cabón district of Santo Domingo. Built by ACES volunteers, the school serves over 260 students each day, providing them with one of the most valuable possessions — an education.

The ACES Educate-A-Child tuition program is designed to assure that students receive a quality experience by providing the necessary tools and supplies for success. Your sponsorship can make this happen! Your contribution will be used to equip the students and the school with the following:

  • Learning supplies — pencils, pens, paper
  • Student items — uniforms, shoes, books
  • Teachers and utilities

Help lead the way to progress and prosperity! Become a part of the ACES Educate-A-Child tuition program today! When you become a sponsor you will receive a folder with a photo of your sponsored child and information about his or her grade level and favorite school subject. Please complete the form below and send it to:

ACES North America
613 Cemetery St.
Williamsport, PA 17701

One hundred percent of your tax deductible donation goes to the school program.

Educate a Child Form – Printable PDF

Educate a Child Form – Donate via PayPal

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